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Tata Sky


Type: Collaboration with Tata Sky

Size: Multiple Sizes

Location: Gujarat 

Year: 2021

The Mural still exists and is accessible to public.

For this exciting project, we collaborated with Ogilvy and Dentsu Communications India, to bring alive Gujarat’s local flavour. Aligned with Tata Sky’s new brand purpose, “Iss khidki ko khol dala toh life Jingalala”, the mural campaign feature iconic Gujarati faces like Ketaki Dave, Rasik Dave, Malhar Thakkar, Deeksha Joshi, Siddharth Randheria, and Mamta Soni. It embodies the spirit of the ‘khidki’ or window, and pays homage to Gujarat's vibrant performing arts and culture. The murals in sizes of 50ft X 45ft, 20ft X306ft, 40ft X6ft and 50ft X 50ft, dot the skyline of Rajula, Visapur and Lunwada in Gujarat.

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